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Don't let your Ph.D. program hold you back, and graduate on time. Our team of Real Consultants is dedicated to making sure you minimize the amount you have to pay in tuition.

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Writing & Dissertation Help

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You will receive assistance with every task related to your dissertation from your Real Consultants. In addition to writing emails to your dissertation chair, submitting your IRB application, and formatting and editing your APA 7 paper, all the extra tasks that ensure you graduate on time are included in this checklist.

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Support from Start to Finish

Providing you with comprehensive data analysis, writing and revising your project, and mentoring you along the way, our Real Consultants will be there to assist you every step of the way. Keeping your personal and professional goals in mind, we aim to support your success today and tomorrow.

Topic Development

Your dissertation topic must be original, non-trivial, appropriate to your degree program, and feasible in terms of IRB approval and data collection.

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Literature review

Your literature review must demonstrate the knowledge gap you seek to fulfill and present a framework that is aligned with your data collection instrument.

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Research Design and Methods

Your research design and methods for sampling, data collection, and data analysis must align perfectly with your research questions and conceptual framework.

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Analysis, Results, and Conclusion

Whether quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods, you must get the results your dissertation chair, committee, and methodologist expect to be approved for final defence.

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Template Revisions

Don't let a missing semi-colon, inappropriate use of et al, or outdated template headings delay your progress. Don't let inconsistent purpose statements cost you extra money in tuition.

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APA 7 Editing

To graduate on-time and hassle-free, your dissertation manuscript must be perfect in APA 7 style and per the current template.

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Real Consultants, an affiliate of HAMNIC Solutions™ was founded in 2014 for two reasons. To begin with, we are aware that most online doctoral programs are for-profit and would like you to continue paying tuition for as long as possible. As for the second reason, we understand that other academic consultancies also want you to keep paying tuition as long as possible, so that they can continue to provide their services to you.

100% U.S. Based

All of our writers are true consultants and experienced researchers, ready to help you every step of the way in writing your dissertation.

Experience Matters

All of our real consultants have worked at leading universities around the world and know exactly what it takes to get through the thesis writing process.

Personalised Support

We match you with true advisors who have expertise in your field and who have worked with students like you.

Frequently Asked Question

We do all the work, so you don't have to. Starting with developing your topic all the way through all writing and revisions, all data analysis, and with extensive mentoring, so you can speak intelligently about your project with your own professors.

Real Consultants is comprised solely of actual consultants at major universities across the world. You will work with the same professor from start to finish. You will know the identity of your professor for the mentoring aspects of the service.

The free consultation is one of our consultants doing real work for you, for free. This is the only way to build trust before you hire Real Consultants. Typically, the free consultation is free topic development. But, if you already have a topic, you and your consultant can work something else out.

We named the company Real Consultants because doctoral programs have become big business. Therefore, there is incentive for your program to keep you paying tuition as long as possible. As Real Consultants and Researchers at traditional, bricks-and-mortar, non-profit universities, we feel that professors who keep holding you back without telling you how to succeed are not real. In contrast, we will help you complete your dissertation on time, so you can minimize your tuition payments.

It is a long-form piece of academic writing based on original research conducted by you. It is usually submitted as the final step in order to finish a PhD program. Furthermore, it is made up of the following:

  1. Abstract
  2. Stating your main topic and the aims of your research
  3. Describing your methods.
  4. Summarizing your main results.
  5. Stating your conclusions.

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